Sunday, October 20, 2013

Supernatural in the Souk

Deep in the heart of the souk of Marrakech, small shops sell darker goods than colorful sandals and clanging tea sets.  The stall pictured above has items for sale to aid in the casting of magic spells, both light and dark.  In the middle right of the photograph, small leather necklaces are designed to be hung around the neck of children suffering from nightmares and other ailments of supernatural origin.  On the back of the talisman, a small phrase from the Quran protects the wearer from harm.

The hanging skins of animals, from zebra pelts to the box of dried hedgehogs seen below, can be used to bring back a wayward lover or get revenge for a love affair gone wrong.  They can be strung up or burnt as a version of animal sacrifice.  

Woven baskets hold large quantities of dried plants used in traditional rural medicine.

Next, I'm off to the Sahara to listen to some ghostly tales around a night fire.

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