Sunday, October 20, 2013

Magic in Marrakech

View of the Koutubia mosque from the roof-top restaurant of our hotel.

The hand of Miriam:

This is a beautiful example of a Jewish Hamsa, in an ancient synagogue in the traditional mellah, or Jewish quarter, of Marrakech.  The Star of David, not an  eye, is centered in the palm.  Our guide told us that although the small Jewish community of Marrakech resides largely in the 'French' quarter these days, every Saturday the local rabbi holds services in this ancient temple.  The box these were in also held polished animal horns:

Sometimes the Evil Eye itself can be a positive symbol, as seen in this close-up of a hand-knotted rug below.  Although we enjoyed the dramatic presentation of the rugs and the delicious mint tea, we didn't give into temptation and buy a carpet.  But we still have a free shopping day in Marrakech at the end of the trip....

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