ARXIS, INC
                 Book One of the MOUNTAINS OF QAF Trilogy

Desperate to discover the fate of her MIA brother, Carolyn Ellsburg--an anti-war activist and professor of Mythology--agrees to consult for Arxis, a mysterious paramilitary company, and help interrogate a detainee suspected of involvement in the abduction. But she learns the prisoner isn't a terrorist.

In fact, he's not even human.

He's a Jinn--and he's not the only creature from Middle East legend to suddenly infiltrate Carolyn's world.

ARXIS, INC., an adult fantasy novel complete at 86,000 words, is the first book in a proposed trilogy that will appeal to readers of G. Willow Wilson's ALIF THE UNSEEN.

Book Updates:

10.14.13     I finished the first draft on Labor Day, appropriately enough.  I'm working on revision and more research, including an exciting trip to Morocco to learn more about local beliefs about the Jinn.

3.29.14  The first book in the trilogy, tentatively titled The Mountains of Qaf:  Operation Jahiliyya, is in second draft and out to beta readers.  I'm currently revising book two, The Dungeons of Azhkenk.  More beta readers are always welcome!

12.7.14 After a fun break writing a paranormal romance for Nanowrimo, I'm back to work on editing. A third draft of Operation Jahiliyya is out to new betas, and I'm plugging away on the second draft of book 3, The Temple of Ameretat. I'm looking forward to a new writing class in January. Once again, any beta readers or manuscript swaps are welcome!

5.11.15 Back from a great time attending the Muse and the Marketplace conference in Boston! I had an opportunity to meet with a literary agent and learn more about the business side of publishing, and in a sea of LitFic people, ran across a few fellow Fantasy writers. After some wonderful beta-reader input and a structural critique from Stuart Horwitz of Book Architecture, I'm working on my fourth draft of the first book of the Mountains of Qaf, now retitled Arxis, Inc.

9.10.15 The final draft of ARXIS, INC is complete and ready to be sent out to agents! Loads of thanks and love to the amazing Rebecca Faith of Rebecca Faith Editorial for all her editing magic. 

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  1. Congratulations on a brilliant seque from Quranic allegory (probably biblical too) of the Great Heavenly Feud Q(38;69) that ensued when Satan was expelled from the ranks of the Angels (noor) to become a Jinn (zulamaat) to your potentially amazing fantasy world. Love the title. Good luck!